We welcome players of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience. Our existing players range in age from 18 to 47. Some of them had never kicked a football before their first training session. All you need to bring to your first training session is your enthusiasm (and sometimes a sense of humour).

Pre Season Training 

Pre-season began on Sunday 13 January 2019 but there is still plenty of time to Get Involved. The Breakaways Home ground & Training facility is Mahoney Oval, Wharf St, Marrickville

Pre-season sessions (January/February) will run for 90 minutes and are scheduled as follows:

  • Sundays
    • 5pm for a 5:15 dynamic warm up
    • 5.30pm Training start
    • 7pm Training finish
  • Wednesday at 6.30pm for 6:45 dynamic warm up start ).
    • 6:30pm for a 6:45 dynamic warm up
    • 7pm Training start
    • 8:30pm Training finish

Pre-season training is obligatory for the Premier Division Squad and eligibility for “Premier Marquis Player” incentives.

Full season training for all players will commence in March 2019, with details TBA.


For new recruits, we have combined with Newtown Swans Juniors for all-ages Girls & Women’s Kick & Try events – join us for a kick & BBQ:

Sun 10 Feb 2019 (9:30am-1pm)

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